Bad image quality in Jetson nano with compare to Raspberry pi output with IMX477

Hi all,

Currently, I am working on one project based on object detection. For that, I am using Jetson nano with Arducam HQ Camera IMX477 (purchase from but the image quality with jetson nano is so bad compared to Raspberry pi 4. When I click the photo with jetson nano it has a lot of noise.

Please advise the configuration required to improve it. Thank you.

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It should be the ISP limits on Jetson Nano boards, and the gain is rising and more noise is generated when you use it in low light conditions. We suggest you could refer to the documentation following to lower the gain and check if there are any updates.


Hi @Arducam_Lee,

First of all, thank you for your suggestion. When I use your code as mentioned above it can reduce noise as I attach in the photo but I need a more clear image so please suggest to me what can I do for this.

Do I need to patch the code on the jetson nano or will changing the gain work?

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Glad to hear that.
Unfortunately, we can not provide further support due to the ISP limits from Jetson and it is the lowest noise we can suggest from the code.

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Thank you for your effort. It is very helps full for me.

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