Bad Jetpack5 nvme writing performance compared with Jetpack4

The point is that I don’t have the fix yet. I’m assuming as described here that this issue is gone on kernel 5.17. Also can’t simply get the mainstream kernel as Nvidia applies a lot of changes on top. Is the work in progress Linux for Jetpack6 already available? I can’t find it here

About downgrading to JetPack4, I can’t do it as it is reaching end of life JetPack 4 Reaches End of Life and I need the latest libraries like VPI 2.2 for the perception stack.

As mentioned in the Nvidia Roadmap Jetpack 6 is coming with kernel 5.15. What about the simple comparison between JP4 and JP6 running a basic dd command into nvme? How is it performing on JetPack6? Does nvidia have any workaround to fix this?