Bad state factory reset TX2 NX on Nano Developer Kit

Hi there,

I have my TX2 NX running on a Nano 4GB Developer Kit. I flashed once from Virtualbox Ubuntu 18.04 - which doesn’t work as I found out afterwards. Instead I then setup VMWare Ubuntu 18.04 - however after the first unsuccessful attempt, I now get the message that my TX2 NX is in a bad state, logs say “Reading board information failed.”

I guess I would need to do a factory reset and so I connected first pin 3&4 for factory reset and then 5&6 for power reset - but it does not work. Does anybody know how to proceed?

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Virtualbox Ubuntu 18.04 and VMWare Ubuntu are not supported by SDK manager.
Please have a host PC with native Ubuntu 18.04 to install the SDK manager to flash ytour device via JetPack.

Thanks for the reply. I believe I saw you respond to another thread that Vbox would not be supported but VMWare is.
Aside from that, don’t you think the real reason is something else, as it did flash beforehands to up to 99%, but following that it now drops at 1%. Could you (or somebody else) give me any further advice?

You can check if below method does help:

Well that is very basic and hence of not much help… thanks nevertheless.

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