Bad Wi-Fi Quality with EdiMax EW-7811Un USB WiFi


I am having problems of maintaining a good wifi connection for more than 5 minutes. I have tried turning off the power saver mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!


Could try with the latest jetpack version 4.2.1. There are some bugfix for EDIMAX USB WIFI.

Hi alanz,

Is there any other way to update my JetPack other than re-flashing my sd card? I have too much data to lose :(

JetPack 4.2.1 has lots of improvements and bugfix. It’s worth upgrade if possible.

  1. You can try with another SD Card. Then copy your own data on an Linux Host from the old one.
  2. Backup all your home folder on your linux host.

I think both way will not cost too much time.

You can also install this patched driver on either JetPack: