Badaboom Vs Nero 8 Recode Using GPU Vs Cpu

Ok I am not really new to the concept but I wanted to try it for my self. I have a video that is about 518mb in Mpeq 2 format and is in 1280 by 720 res
I ran it through Badaboom using the Ipod classic convertor with settings on standard. It converted it in 1 min 23 sec using a 9800m gt with the latest driver 185+
Next I loaded this in Nero Recode with standard settings for Ipod with one pass. Using my cpu which is an Intel Core 2 Quad q6700 2.66
Its time was 1min 21 sec.
I did them as close to the same settings and transcoded them from one hard drive to another. I was curious cuz I was thinking of buying badaboom but I guess nero is too great to replace.
I just want to know what you guys think?

I have heard many conflicting reports on Badaboom versus regular CPU encoding. Not having used the software myself but being not unfamiliar with encoding (Virtualdub), I’d say that the codec used and additional filters and options used will play a big role in the time taken. Resizing for example is very fast on CPU too.

Well, I was trying to find a way of converting my video clips faster but I guess this is good if you want to convert videos while using the cpu for other things. But really the quality of Nero is better and you can tweak the videos better.

I like the idea of GPU processing. Maybe soon Nero recode can use both so that the GPU and CPU can convert videos allot faster.

nero’s going to have a cuda product soon. they’re using another company’s h264 coder, so I don’t know what will happen with that.