Bandwidth Computation for RAW format

Can someone shed light on this table and explain how to derive BW, Lane and NVCSI clock ?

For C-PHY case, taking 2.0Gsym/s, lane X 3, RAW10 as example.
The 2.28 is factor for CPHY – CPHY encodes 16 bits into 7 symbols and transmits symbols at physical link
so when you calculate CPHY BW, you need to count in this 16/7=2.28, and DPHY ignore the factor.

NVCSI > 2000Msym/s * 2.28bit/sym * 3 / 10 (raw10 in 10 bit-per-pixel) / 8 (NVCSI process RAW10 in 8 pixels per clock) = 171MHz.

Appreciate your response.
When I punched in number per your suggestion, I still can not get frequency in line with the table.
For example ROW #3 of the table - 3000 × 2.28 × 3 ÷ 7(RAW 7) ÷ 8 =366 MHz.
BTW - What is lane clock and how it is related to NVCSI clock?

From my previous comment the 2.0G is the lane clock and it’s 3 lanes configure.

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