Bandwidth downgraded for CX-5 and CX-6 Lx on Redhat9.1

bandwidth downgraded for CX-5 and CX-6 Lx on Redhat9.1 with driver mlnx-en-23.07-

This is a vague post though, my recommendation first is to make sure that the server(s) are properly tunned from the BIOS & OS level for our HCA/Driver.
We have various community posts which go over recommended tunning (ROCE, IB, IPoIB, TCP, VMA etc.).
Should you still observe a degradation, I would suggest opening a support case with our team so we can further investigate based on your deployment and assist you accordingly.


Hi Sophie,
I have do following tune on my server :

  1. BIOS setting
  • Hyperthread enable
  • NPS 2
  • L3 cache as NUMA
  • x2APIC Mode - enable
  1. System Profile Settings - Custom
    • CPU Power Management - Max Performance
    • Turbo boost - enable
    • C State - disable
    • Memory Patrol Scrub - Standard
    • Memory Refresh Rate - x1
    • PCI ASPM L1 Link - Disable
    • Determinism Slider - Performance
    • ApbDis – enable
    • ApbDis P-State - P0