bandwidthAvailableKbps is too far from actual when limiting network by Router QoS setting

When using Router QoS setting to limit bandwidth to 5Mbps, actual stream utilization bandwidth is always <= 5Mbps. However bandwidthAvailableKbps keeps at high value such as 35-45Mbps.
It is too huge error.

Is its algorithm not sufficient?

engineering would probably want to review logs, including QoS log, and see if anything jumps out. beyond that might need an ETL trace capture.

5Mbps is really, really low for streaming two video streams at any reasonable size. But what the system should do is eventually reach a point where it drops the connection as basic quality can’t be maintained.

Do make sure you are doing the math between Mbps and Kbps properly (and that one of the values isn’t bytes vs bits), as that’s certainly tripped me up in the past.

To the best of my knowledge, we’ve had no specific bugs/issues raised with the bandwidth estimation system. So you are saying the streams are ‘seeing’ and using proper bw, but the QoS value bwAvailableKbps seems incorrect?

Yes, that is my meaning

is CloudXR using same algorithm with webrtc?

I can’t speak to what precise algorithm is being used to determine bw estimates.

As for the values being mismatched, that’s something I’d need to push to specific engineers to review. But again, we’d at least want the client and qos log, and more likely they would ask for a full ETL trace to be collected (as that has significantly more depth into the network stack).

I have QoS and full log file:
CloudXR Client QoS Log 2022-11-07 10.11.22.csv (6.9 KB)

Streamer Client Log 2022-11-07 12.56.33.txt (1.6 MB)

I realize that not only bandwidthAvailableKbps is wrong, but bandwidthUtilizationKbps also is.

At 25Mbps limitation setting:
Router statistic show ~10Mbps consuming
CloudXR Qos log shows :
bandwidthUtilizationKbps = 15000-20000
bandwidthAvailableKbps > 100000-120000

I realizes that is more error after reconnecting client.

I think it is important to define clearly what value means for.
Such as
Bandwidth Estimate (kbps),Bandwidth Utilization (kbps),Bandwidth Utilization (%)
2522, 1743, 100

How is 1740/2622 = 100% ?

Please update document if it was expected.