Barrel Connector Specs?

I don’t have a vernier caliper and I was hoping someone could help me. I want to wire my TK1 to a bench supply and want to purchase some new connectors so I don’t cannibalize my power supply that came with the board. Is the connector the same as the TX1/TX2 please (5.5x2.5mm)?

Hi, its mating plug is 5.5x2.5, here is the spec of it:

Thanks very much! I have ordered about 20 of them since that size seems to be so common.

I am on a Robotics team hoping to also purchase some of the right sized mating plug. Where did you order them from?

Just a word of caution to look closely at this:

One of the filters you can select is called “Actual Diameter”. Both are listed by most sellers as 2.5mm inner diameter, and on that particular URL all manufacturers represent their connectors as 2.5mm/5.5mm. But…if you don’t select the “Actual Diameter” of 0.098in/2.5mm inner diameter you might find the connector is hit and miss on when it will work or not. If you add the filter for the actual diameter being 2.5mm, then you should be ok.