Barrel jack 5.2V 4A not powering up

Hi, I am attempting to power the jetson nano via barrel jack.
J48 jumpers connected!
I am using XL4015 buck converter to step down to 5.2V 4A. With the RED version of XL4015, the jetson nano powers up fine. but with the BLUE version of XL4015 (preferable to use this) the jetson nano doesnt power up. both measure 5.2V and 4A at the barrel jack.
pin 4 and 6 measures 5.15V…

Not sure about the root cause. Maybe you need to check the “BLUE version” output capability first.

which is strange because it takes in 4~36V, outputs 1.25~36V/5A max
the multimeter measurements are the same for RED and BLUE version
I have 2x3.7V batteries as input

Hi, have you find the root cause? For nano, the important thing it to keep the 5V input stable and strong enough.

Hi, thanks for checking in, unfortunately, nope, I stopped using the blue one for now and made do with the red one temporarily. Not sure how to go about debugging this though, since the inputs and outputs all seem to be correct

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