Base Mosaic breaks NvFBC and openGL


I am writing some software that used the NvFBC library in part of the capture SDK. My application works like a dream when I use a single quadro card. But a client wants it to run on a dual quadro P2200 setup. I have got the cards and set up using base mosaic (mostly because I cannot work out how to use 2 screens when it is two isolated displays on linux).

But I am having a lot of trouble now. Firstly, opengl and GLX broke. All software that used opengl crashed because it couldn’t create open gl contexts. I fixed this with a manual change to my xcofig (I allowed indirect GLX) but performance is a little poor
Next, my software segfaults on a call to nvFBCCreateHandle.

For your information:

  • OS: openSUSE Leap 15.2 x86_64
  • Kernel: 5.3.18-lp152.41-default
  • NVIDIA Driver Version: 450.66