Base time for Event Profiling info


On a machine with Vista 64bit and two GeForce 280’s, I ran the oclSimpleMultiGPU example and printed the start- and end times for the kernels on each device. The start times for both kernels should be roughly the same. But they seem to be shifted: The for the first device, the start time is roughly 1.7 seconds(!) higher than for the second device (which is much longer than the total running time of the program).

Maybe the “base time” for the events is some sort of “system time”, which is different for the devices because of some predefined order in which they are initialized by Windows at system startup?

However, is there any way to assign the same base time for all devices? Currently, the times for the events of multiple devices seem to be completely unrelated to each other. Is it possible to let the event times refer to a common time, which is equal for all devices?