.bashrc file in Ubuntu 11.04

In some install document on in a phone call that I made to PGroup Tech Support I was told to put commands that you want executed on startup in the ,bashrc file.

That is fine, but in Ubuntu 11.04 there is no .bashrc file. There is a dot.bashrc file - literally. Is this 11.04 equivlent of .bashrc?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi James,

Typically on Ubuntu when a new user account is created, a default “.bashrc” (found in /etc/skel) is copied to the new account’s home directory. If your home directory doesn’t have one, you should be able to copy the default version over and then edit it.

Note that file with a “.” prefix are not listed by default when using the “ls”. You need to use “ls -a” to view all files in a directory.

  • Mat