Basic question about viewing profiling result


The profiling result charts in visual studio nsight is very helpful for me.

Currently I have a makefile project running on my linux system. I tried nsight for eclipse, but seems that the view of profiling result is similar to nvvp, no as visual studio nsight which has varies of charts (such as pie chart for stall reasons).

Do you have any suggestion that I can do to generate these charts by using nsight of eclipse? Or any way to import profiling data to visual studio nsight and get the profiling result charts?

Thank you very much for reading my question. Looking forward to your help~


Hi susangao,

Sorry that Eclips Nsight is totally different with Visual Studio Nsight, there should be no way for your requirement.

I think you can try to port the sample/game from linux to windows, then try Visual Studio Nsight for the profiling result diagrams.


Thank you, An.

For me, one think I like in Visual Studio is that it analysis all kernel launches (when I select kernel or memory profiling). Then I can easily choose the kernel launch for the table and see the memory summary and other charts.

For nvvp, I need to select a launch in a timeline, and run the unguided analysis for it. When the kernel launch number is large, it is not convinient for me…

And I love the memory summary chart in Visual Studio Nsight, it is very clear and helpful.