Basic questions about GPU Architectures.


I am going to implement an efficient FFT on GPU using CUDA.

Before implementing my FFT algorithm, I would like to know store units of the GPU.

I am having few basic questions. Those are

[list=1][] How many store units(Register files) are there in each core of G80, GT200 and Fermi?[] How many Time units(clocks) for acessing L1 cache(24 KB??) and shared memory(??KB) in GT200 ?[] How many Time units(clocks) for accessing the L1/shared memory and L2 cache in Fermi?[] How each core acesses Global memory?

If possible can you give the documents which gives the answers for above questions.

Thanks for spending your valuable time for me.

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You should have a look at the NVIDIA OpenCL Programming Guide. In appendix A you have an overview of recent graphic cards and their compute capability and in appendix C.1 there is a features list of these specifications.

As far as I can remember accessing global memory is really painfull in regards to the use of clock cycles (~500 clock cycles per access). Unfortunately I forgot where I got this from.

But there are caching mechanisms for constant memory.