Basic stuf

I am missing basic stuff.

  1. Reset the view window Starting view.
  2. Fit all content.
  3. Stop simulation. Can’t see if the simulation is in progress or what?
    4 Reset simulation

Hello @t.van.uden, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Can you please be a little bit more specific in your problem description? “Basic Stuff” is a little vague to be able to help you.

You mention simulation, do you mean ISAAC Sim?


Hello Markus,

  1. Start position of the simulation above the floor.image

1.The simulation preference tab. " Reset Simulation ON or OFF gives the same result. Boxis on the floor. and not back to the start position above the floor,
Is there an Reset button somewere?

  1. Animation Tab is missing in the navigation,. How can I get it?

It is a good program, and it would be nice if there is also a possibility for graphics for the defense industry.
Maybe it is the scope, but if you want I can give the specs that are needed for that.
Hope to here from you,


Thanks for the additional information! Now I see that you are talking about Omniverse. We have a dedicated subcategory as well as a Discord server for Omniverse, so let me move your post over there.


Hello @t.van.uden! It sounds like you turned off the “Reset Simulation on Stop” option in your Physics settings then played the simulation. The result of this is that the objects played in the simulation will stay in the position that resulted from the simulation. If you turn on the “Reset Simulation on Stop” option, the simulation will return to the “Start Position” when you stop the Simulation. I suggest that you always keep this option checked if you want it to return to the starting position.

The animation tab is under Window > Animation