Basic tutorials on coding content creation?

I’m trying to dive, head first, into Omniverse Code. However I find it tricky as there doesn’t seem to be many tutorials out there.

I thought I should make a room generator where you can type in your measures and have a standard empty room generated with windows, doors floorboards etc. in the right places.

As far as I understand I should head to Omniverse Code, and I have found the template that creates a window with two buttons. What I miss is a tutorial showing the basics in content creating code. I managed to create a cube, but I have a problem to translate is more than once. Which libraries are involved.? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hi @laban. I created a tutorial series about programmatically creating content with USD. I think you might find it helpful for what you’re wanting to do: Hit the USD Books in this Metaverse Coding Series | by NVIDIA Omniverse | Medium

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