I am planning to stream the camera video streams to mobile app through jetson nano… Since jetson is connected to local WiFi, it is not working outside of network. So i wanna assign public IP to jetson to access anywhere in the world. Pls let me know solution for this.

This question seems not related to jetson…

I mean your question is totally applicable to any kind of computer or embedded device. Your question is equal to “I have a computer and I want it to access the external network”. Something like that…

Thus, there is no special trick I could share here. Unless you just want to learn some basic computer network …


FYI, most people have a router at home or at a business. That router gets a “public” IP address from the ISP. The router itself will provide non-routable IP addresses to devices inside the network (purchasing a static public address is limited due to limited IP address ranges, and costs significant money). Even so, often a router can be told that a particular incoming port and protocol can be assigned to a specific device inside the network, and that port can be accessed on that device from the outside using just the router’s public IP address (as if it were the device itself which is on a public interface). However, that’s a setting of the router and not all ISP’s routers allow this. You’ll have to check with your router’s manual (or the ISP) to find out. There is a possibility that the ISP won’t allow this without a business account.

An alternative is that all devices inside can initiate outside world contact, and for example, if you have the means in the outside world, you could do things like create an ssh tunnel or VPN which looks just like a public IP address, but is specific between the two private networks (and usually encrypted). One place which works with something like this are “dynamic DNS” companies:
(they allow browsing their web site to find your current IP since it might change)

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