Basler camera as deepstream-app source

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• Hardware Platform (dGPU) rtx3090ti
• DeepStream Version 6.2
• TensorRT Version
**• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version ** 530.30.02-1
• Issue Type( question)
• Requirement details( This is for new requirement. Including the module name-for which plugin or for which sample application, the function description) Basler Pylon (pylonsrc)

Hi, I’m looking to use a Basler USB camera as a source for DeepStream-appp. How can i modify the deepstream-app to use the pylonsrc source as a new enum in NvDsSourceType? i managed add new enum, but don’t know where add a code to create the source.

If anyone can provide a clear instructional guide on how to perform this modification, or a version of DeepStream-app with this modification already done.

I guess modify deepstream-app to receive a external raw I420 can be a Alternative, but i don’t now how to do it too. Thank you very much for your help.

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How much do you know about GStreamer? Do you have basic knowledge and coding skills for GStreamer? GStreamer: open source multimedia framework

The source part of deepstream-app is in /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream/sources/apps/apps-common/src/deepstream_source_bin.c. You need to add your own source bin function to support pylonsrc.

When I add function on source I need rebuild the Deepstream SDK, its right? If yes, how can I rebuild it?

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