Basler Camera Requires Replugging After Boot to Work - Jetpack 4.4.1 (and 4.4)

Hi All,

Currently using:

  • Jetson Xavier AGX - Jetpack 4.4.1
  • StarTech PEXUSB3S44V - 4 Port Quad Bus Pci Express Superspeed Usb 3.0 Card
  • Basler daA1920-160uc

Assume that the camera is connected to the Jetson, and then the Jetson is turned on.

When the camera is connected to the Jetson using the Type-A USB3 socket, everything works fine. I’ve attached the dmesg log here: good-dmesg.txt (86.7 KB)

When the camera is connected to the Jetson using Type-C USB3 socket, or the PCIe card (powered, or un-powered, doesn’t matter) then the camera exhibits the following behaviour:

  1. Camera LED does not turn on.
  2. The camera is recognised by the system during the boot event, but is not accessable unless it is re-plugged. e.g. the following message shows when trying to connect to camera:
    "Failed to open device ‘2676:ba06:6:1:2’ for XML file download. Error: 'Failed to read the first register (maximum device response time). This can be caused by problems with the USB hardware used, i.e., the USB host controller and its corresponding driver "
  3. The camera works correctly after replugging.
  4. Camera temperature does not affect this behaviour.

I’ve attached the good dmesg log here: bad-dmesg.txt (88.0 KB)

For context:

This was a bug, new firmware fixes the problem - ask Basler for an update.