Batch-size2 shows highest EMC activity (more than 100%) while batch-size4 shows least.

Hello there,
I am running a custom MobilenetV1 model at input resolution 4096x1024x3 (w,h,c) with trtexec utility.
My Xavier’s configuration is:
-MaxN mode
-jetson_clocks active
-Jetpack 4.3 developer’s preview.

I am observing something strange.
Ideal expectation is, as batchsize increases, EMC% should increase. But here, I can see only at batchsize2, highest percentage of EMC is obtained.
These are the numbers I am getting:

b1 -95%
b2 -109%
b4 -70.4%
b8 -70.8%

Query1: Why it would be happening?
Query2: Is it possible that EMC% exceeds 100% ?

Thanks in advance.


Similar to topic 1069728, could you try this on the JetPack4.3 official release first?


Many thanks for quick reply!
How to open the topic 1069728?

I will try out on official release soon.