Batched SDDMM is not supported


I am trying to use batched cusparseSDDMM operation.
I have rtx A5000 gpu.
And cuda version is 11.7.64
Driver version is 515.43.04

I read the document that if cuda version is above 11.7.1 batched cusparseSDDMM will work.

But in my case it doesn’t work.

I can’t upgrade the cuda version for compatibility with others.
Can anyone help me with this?

You actually have 11.7.0 installed, not 11.7.1.

The Release Notes for 11.7.0 here, list the nvcc version as 11.7.64, the same as you show above.

The nvcc version shipped with 11.7.1, is 11.7.99.

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Hi. The batched cusparseSDDMM is available since CUDA 11.7 Update 1: .
To make sure your toolkit has this feature, you can reinstall CUDA 11.7 or install later versions.