Batchsize modification

How can I change the batchsize of yolo plugin when running with deepstream-app?
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The batch size is automatically decided by querying the upstream pipeline.

If you have 2 source streams, the yolo plugin builds an engine for batch size = 2.
This is multichannel batching. There’s no support for temporal batching currently.

So if you only have a single source stream, you can only run the pipeline with batch size = 1.


In my pipeline, I replaced nvinfer (pgie) with the yolo plugin. However, the batch-size is 0, which is causing an error. Do you have any pointers as to why this is happening?



Batch size is automatically decided by the image source.
Could you check if your input source is valid?


Hi, may I know why overriding the batch size to match the number of sources is necessary?

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