Battery + Charger

I’ve searched for a couple hours now and am giving up and asking.

I want an “easy” solution to power the TX2 that operates effectively like a laptop (auto switch to battery when input power is disconnected).

I’ve found Nvidia’s reference specs for developing a custom carrier that does this (along with many folks having challenges with rapid voltage drops causing reboots). But I don’t want to develop my own carrier board. And I don’t see any off-the-shelf carriers that do this.

In the end, I just want to be able to charge and/or exchange batteries without rebooting the system. Is there any kind of turnkey solution for this? I don’t even need the system to be able to track battery level (though obviously this would be nice, I’m sure I can hack together something separate to monitor output voltage). And I can do some degree of hacking/soldering together components (just not involving Eagle and a custom PCB and SMD soldering and the like…I’m still in an early prototype stage). Any kind of battery + charger + switching circuit that outputs a constant 12’ish volts 5’ish amps that mostly retains portability?


Hi, no such support on current devkit. There is a charger design guide in DLC for your reference:, basically you need to design a board like that, or purchase some turnkey solution as you said which i don’t know any one in market.

Thanks, though those are the reference specs that I wrote (uneloquently) about. There it appears you need not just a custom charger board with those outputs but a TX2 carrier with those pins broken out. The dev kit has them, but any “real” carrier like the Orbity doesn’t seem to. :(

That all may be something I’m willing to take on if we settle on the Jetson platform for the final product, but that’s a lot to take on during pilot testing.

I suppose for testing, rebooting to change power is perhaps acceptable. But surely there’s a clever solution that just outputs power, leaving all of the balanced charging, power monitoring, etc. external.