Battery for TX2 Developer Kit for On board use


I want to use TX2 Developer kit on board, but I am not able find proper battery for it.

I tried to use laptop power bank MAXOAK which has 20V DC output but it shut down after 25 seconds
I am not able to find proper reason behind this…

I looked at one battery which is Energizer link :

But Energizer is out of stock on most of the places.

Any help on how to find proper battery for TX2 developer kit is appreciated…

Thank you

The rated voltage is something like 7V-19V, so 20V is probably too much.

If by “on board” you mean in a car, then the car battery should be good enough, with one caveat: You should add protection against “load dumps” that happen in car power systems.

Other batteries that will work fine include any LiPo battery from a RC car or plane, “2S” “3S” or “4S” capacity. (Translates to 7.4V, 11.1V or 14.8V average voltage.)
Note that LiPo batteries are damaged if you over-discharge them, and may catch on fire if charged after being damaged (or if over-charged,) so you also need some kind of over-discharge alarm or other protection device.

Simplest: Buy the following: And plug it into the cigarette lighter of your car. Plug the Jetson power adapter into the outlet.

More advanced: Buy some of these: and something like this for charging: and something like this for undervoltage warning:

Most advanced: Get a battery pack, preferrably LiFePO4 because of the long lifetime, with built-in protection circuits:

Good luck on the project!

Thank you for your answer!!!
I was wondering what is the exact size of DC input barrel as I ordered these and it dose not fit into the power port of TX2 Board.

Page 30 of the Carrier Board Specification document (downloadable from the embedded download center) says it’s:

Googling the part numbers seem to indicate that it’s a 5.5x2.5mm power plug. Given that you already have the 2.1mm, perhaps the easiest is to get a converter:

Thanks alot !!!