Battery powered Jetson protections

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I am planning to power a Jetson controller for a wheeled robot (maybe we start with the Nano and then we use a Xavier NX) from a “car battery” it has 24V and 40Ah. This battery also drives motors which can consume up to 35 Amps.
As far as I had read, it would work with a voltage regulator (thinking on this one and a resettable fuse before the barrel jack as I read in another post.

Would be the motors demand a problem? Or if I am missing something else in this configuration? I could also add one more battery but that would make the robot more complicated.

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Hope someone has such experience can be shared. For Nano power supply, the key point is to keep the supply stable, a super capacitor or battery will be helpful.

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So after more readings, the voltage regulator modules include capacitors that also help to stabilize the voltage but they are small. Now the next question would be how much capacitance do I need so I will dive into that. Thanks!