Hi, I am planning to use 3S2P Li-on battery set( having overcharge, overdischarge, over-current, short circuit protection function) to supply power to Jetson Orin Nano Development kit by its DC Jack. Since, Jetson devices are sensitive to voltage regulation, so I wanted to ask that is there anything else I should take care or any component which is required or recommended (to maintain voltage) like DC/DC converter. Thanks!

The power supply should be in range of 4.75v ~ 5.25v as you can see in the data sheet.

As per document - Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Specificaitons, acceptable voltage range is 9-20V. I think you are referring to voltage range of Orin Nano SOM.

Yes, for devkit it can be 9-20V as there is a power mux on board to choose supply to module. For custom design, should note the voltage level to Orin nano module should be 4.75-5.25V.

Ok Thanks. Is just using battery set enough to power Dev. kit OR is there any component required to add (to maintain voltage) like DC/DC converter? Thanks!

Hi @phutela.ankur I’m also planning to use a battery to prevent electrical noise , can you please share more details on your battery setup and how long you expect it to last for what activity? thank you for your help !

Hi @sergiosolorzano

I am planning to use below battery set.

It has DC female(plug), so it can be used directly with Orin Nano.

Seller is claiming that is it has 50,000 mAh capacity, which I think it doesn’t make sense as it has 3S2P of 18650 batteries. So I am expecting around 3300 mAh, which I think would help run Orin Nano 4GB for continuous 3 hours. (but need to be tested)

If you have any inputs regrading the same, please share.

I am also not sure if DC-DC converter is required to regulate voltage.

Hi @phutela.ankur thanks a bunch for sharing. I am a beginner with iot devices and plugging current to them, sorry I do not have any info to share, I am beginning my research and I will be sure to post in this thread if I find more info! Thanks again :)

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Cool Thanks :)

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