Bayer frame from NvArgus Camera Src

We are using Nvargus Camera Src For Getting frames from camera but currently we are getting only NV12 image type , So is there any way to get Bayer frames from NvArgus or NvV4L2

hello yashrajs,

nvarguscamerasrc only output NV12 format, you may use v4l2 utility to dump raw images, please also refer to Applications Using V4L2 IOCTL Directly session for the sample commands,

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Hi Jerry,
Just one more thing is it possible to dynamically enable or disable the auto white balance and auto gain.

I’m running a pipeline at 60fps and I need to change those value during runtime is it possible

hello yashrajs,

v4l2 ioctl cannot achieve it, however, there’s argus_camera application you’re able to enable for changing those camera settings and seeing the effects in the preview frames.

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