Beaten by GPU in chess Chess engine running entirely on GPU

It has no scientific value at all, but i was beaten by own chess engine written in Cuda, running on a GeForce 88000 GTX. I wonder how strong it will be on the 280 card.

Congratulations. Must have been a nice experience.

As 280 is going to have ~2x performance, you can expect like 50 ELO or less (for long games), if you just bruteforce more.

Computing power is not the main thing which makes chess programs powerful :-)

How much moves/sec you do?

more then one million/second but there is a lot of overhead because of the parallism

Is this a research project, a commercial venture or simply a hobby?

Sounds very challenging to port a chess engine to a GPU. Will you publish some information (research papers or similar) or even share some code? It would be interesting to read about it… for sure!



That is great… does that mean the program is THAT good or that you are that BAD at chess (jk) :clap:

How about a post of at least the executable? The updates on progress are nice and all, but it’d be good to see something one can try for himself.


What kind of algorith do you use MIN-MAX or what


I use alpha-beta (negamax)

How about an executable for us so that you could do distributed-testing?

It means that he is good at CUDA!

I am also working of a CUDA implementation of Chess Engine, sharing ideas (and source-code as it will be fully Open-Source with SVN Access) on my CudaChess blog.

Maybe the ideas could benefit other developers of CUDA Chess Engines ;-)
And also other CUDA developers as I explain some CUDA or GPGPU programming technics.

I am not targeting 1 million position/second (that is on the reach of a single Scalar Processor with simple Evaluation function), but 1 billion position/second on actual hardware (says 300-400 GPU cycles per position), for a brute-force engine.

hi, are you interested in transforming an engine from c to Cuda language? the engine is cfish, which is the C version of C++ strongest engine Stockfish. it would be amazing to see what this engine can do when run on GPU, let me know if you can work on it, and i will give you the links. stockfish is an open-source engine, and supported by the community, so it’s not commercial

Are chess engines that compute-bound that they’re actually effective to implement on the GPU? O_o

i have no idea i just joined this forum cause i am interested in Chess, i still don’t know much about GPU