Beginner question - X doesn't work

So I got my jetson tx1 today, and has so far been unable to get it to do graphics. I have ssh access to it and it seems to work fine as far as I can tell. It displays text as it boots, but as soon as it goes into X the screen goes black.

I have tried to flash it with various releases from the linux tegra archive, as well as the l4t installer.
When I first booted it I was able to interact with the console, and ran ~/NVIDIA-INSTALLER as prompted. Upon rebooting I was dropped into the black X.

If I kill the X server trough ssh my monitor loses the signal all together, and if I restart it I get the black screen.

Oh, and I have on two occasions heard the noise that the ubuntu login screen makes.

Did you run the NVIDIA-INSTALLER script with sudo? Permissions can be an issue. If you flash, then the is the equivalent, also needing sudo.

If there is a 15-pin VGA adapter or cable anywhere, automatic monitor query can’t succeed (old VGA didn’t have the query channel…newer monitors appended extensions to query). Additionally, defaults for video may run faster than the monitor in cases where device query fails if your monitor doesn’t have some upper end abilities (scan rate and resolution combinations).

To know if your nVidia hardware-accelerated files are in place, run this command:

sha1sum -c /etc/nv_tegra_release
sha1sum -c /etc/nv_tegra_release

Reports OK for everything. This is a hdmi cable connected to a hdmi port on the monitor.

How would I go about configuring the video options? It should be noted that the monitor works with my other devices, and that I am able to query supported resolutions and refresh-rate from my laptop.

I would check and see if the EDID is sending data you can use. You may need to install packages “read-edid” and “edid-decode”. Check the output of:

get-edid | parse-edid
get-edid | edid-decode

Manual setup of X11 is an entire topic all on its own. Anything you can get from EDID would be the preferable starting point. You may also want to see what the content is of “/var/log/Xorg.0.log”.