Beginner questions regarding custom Intent/Slot classification models


To start, I’m a software engineer with little experience in the world of machine learning, so i apologize for some questions that may be elementary.

I’m trying to use the RIVA API for Natural language processing and I want to custom train the model on different domains (airline, medical, finance, etc).

I’ve gathered that I need NeMo/TAO to automate most of the training, deployment etc but I can’t find any docs on how to actually add custom intents, what format the training data should be, and what training data even looks like.

So my questions are:

  1. Is there a central hub for free-to-use models?
  2. When i find a model, where can i find the encryption key that accompanies the model?
  3. When I get my hands on a model, how can i find the spec/format that was used to train it?
  4. Once I have the training data format, how can I go about adding domains/intents/slots to the existing model? Do i keep my training data in a specific location?
  5. Finally, once I have my trained custom model, I noticed there is a “domain” or “model” param on a lot of RIVA APIs, they seem to be string values. Is there a specific location RIVA expects the models to live so they can be accessed?

Thank you.

Hi Brian,

This might be better posted in the RIVA category. I can move it over for you.


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