Beginners Guide for Falcor

Hello Developers,

I am very hopeful about Falcor, as it provides abstraction layer of RTX for the R&D. However, I feel the documentation is may be a bit weak, especially for a beginner like me. Besides the github and docsforgen documentation, I hardly find any in depth documentation about the framework. There are few more self explanation in random github repositories, but most of those are on previous version of Falcor and inadequate.

I would really appreciate if you could suggest me some beginner’s guide to learn deep about Falcor. My main interest is ray and path tracing.

P.S. Is there any active Falcor discussion forum? Because I didn’t see much discussion in NVIDIA Forums.

seems like there is nobody using Falcor. Is it a good choice for using ray/path tracing! Is there any other more optimized and easier framework available beside OptiX!