Beginning with the TX1 - need help!


I am on a team of various engineering students (EE, CpE, ME) and this is our first foray into using a system like the Jetson. We have tried following the guides to install everything, but we’re not 100% we have anything working. We are part of a student run business that provided us the funding for the TX1 development guide. We are pretty lost and any help is appreciated!

Hi jrheltsl, have you consulted the L4T Jetson Developer Kit User Guide? It contains step-by-step setup and install instructions for updating your Jetson with the latest JetPack software. To do this, you’ll need to download JetPack to a host PC, connect the host PC to your Jetson via the Jetson’s micro-USB port and ethernet, and then enter your Jetson into recovery mode by holding down the Recovery button while you press and release Reset (these steps are covered in the guide). By default, JetPack will install to your Jetson: Ubuntu, L4T kernel, CUDA toolkit, cuDNN, TensorRT, Multimedia API, GStreamer, OpenCV, and VisionWorks.

When you have your Jetson on the latest JetPack, you can try running samples from CUDA, VisionWorks samples, example GStreamer pipelines, or the Two Days to a Demo deep learning tutorial.