Behavior Tree using Python Codelet

I tried to create behavior tree example using selector. But I am getting error
PANIC engine/alice/backend/modules.cpp@280: Could not load component 'isaac::behavior_tree::MemorySelectorBehavior’”

Can somebody please help me with that. I have attached image of python file and json file

Also would like to request NVIDIA team to upload complete example of behavior tree not only json file

Hi @nasrin.saiyed,

When using components from different modules in your app, the modules must be 1) added as a dependency in the BUILD file, and 2) loaded into the application. For your case, make sure you have behavior_tree under modules in the bazel rule for the app. To load the module after defining the application, use app.load_module('behavior_tree') in main().

The cart delivery application serves as a working example for the behavior tree components. See the docs here.

Thank you for using Isaac!