Benchmark and upgrade errors on Jeston Orin Nano

Hello Jetson community,
I am new to Jeston Orin Nano and i’m starting a project with Jeston Orin Nano. When i try to test the performance using benchmark codes it shows the error below:

I download the code from official github and there are suggestions given saying that i need to check upgrade but it also shows anothere error:
Errors were encountered while processing:
Could you please help me with these errors and perhaps some solutions?
If you need more infromation please let me know and leave the codes that i need to run.
Thanks a lot

You may read: GitHub - NVIDIA-AI-IOT/jetson_benchmarks: Jetson Benchmark

and try using sudo for running the script, giving absolute paths to csv dir and models dir such as:

sudo python3 --csv_file_path /home/actemium/jetson_benchmarks/benchmark_csv/orin-benchmarks.csv --model_dir /home/actemium/jetson_benchmarks/models --model_name super_resolution

Thank you for your reply!
I tried with the code you provided and it showed a different error:

And the update error sill exists.


It seems that you are using the Orin configure file.
Please try the configuration for Orin Nano instead.


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