benchmark tools

please recommend some benchmark tools so that i can check my system is working well .

i have upgraded from geforce gt-240 to gt-730 but i haven’t noticed improvement in game performance .
my cpu is “AMD Phenom™ II X4 920” .

Try any Unigine {Valley|Heaven|Tropics} demo.

GT 240 and GT 730 are very similar in performance, I guess the latter is even slower. Why did you buy such a low end GPU in the first place?

GeForce GTX 750 is perhaps the slowest NVIDIA’s GPU which is indeed worth buying. Anything below it is simply useless.

comparison :

-----| GT 240 | GT 730
cuda |  96    |  384
cpu  | 550    |  902
mem  | 512M   |  2G

i’m no expert obviously but this looks to me 730 is better than 240 .
i didn’t buy higher gpu because the rest of my hardware is old and didn’t want to encounter bottleneck problem .
even given 730 now i am asking about the possibility of bottleneck .

There are three different versions of GT 730, and the slowest of them is slower than GT 240.

the version i bought is DDR3, 64-bit , with the numbers i gave in previous comment .

so shouldn’t i expect considerable improvement over GT 240 ?

Your GT730 is the slowest. Do your math.

Slowest, obviously, is model with 128-bit bus.

To OP: phoronix test suite has a number of different tests, including 3D. Unigine demos are in these tests also.

what math ? as Vadim said slowest is 128bit while i bought 64bit .
here is the table again :

-----| GT 240 | GT 730
cuda |  96    |  384
cpu  | 550    |  902
mem  | 512M   |  2G

there is specially lot more memory than gt 240 and cuda is 3 times more .
so what kind of improvements should i expect in performance ?

Are you a retard alternatively gifted person? In my first reply to the topic I gave you three benchmarks to run. Have you run any?


GT 240 has 54.4GB/sec bandwidth, while your über new and fancy GT 730 has just 14.4GB/sec. If a certain game shuffles textures all the time, then CUDA cores won’t help much if your GPU is starved by memory bandwidth.

You made a mistake by buying this GPU. Case closed.

Birdie should not have been so rude in his post.

It also seems that VadimLinux was mistaken by saying 128bit memory channel is slowest. 64bit is slower than 128.

There is an above recommendation for the GTX750, and that should offer an increase in performance. However, if you want to knock your socks off, save up for a GTX960 ($209USD).

I’ll second the recommendation for the phoronix test suite. Many of its components are free, and you can compare your results on the phoronix website.

GT cards aren’t for gaming beyond Facebook Games. They are for Multimedia (Video Playback etc.)
GTX cards are for gaming. The best bang for the buck is the GTX 750 Ti.

you shouldn’t write in such angry manner and call me retard .

i didn’t make a mistake buying this gpu because my pc in not built for advanced gaming in the first place .

if you still feel angry for what ever reason, then just don’t reply .