benefit of using int4 and float4 instead of int and float what's the benefit

i got a question, what is the benefit of using int4 and float4 on GPUs instead of
simple int or float. Can CPU benefit from int4 and float4

a) float4 allows for efficient load and store operations (128 bit access)

b) float4 allows for easy coalesced access whereas to achieve the same with individual float components you need to use struct of array layout (SoA) instead of an array of structs (AoS) layout. See the vectorLoads.pdf file published by nVidia, with some luck it is still part of the SDK.

c) It can save a lot of typing when using operator overloads that work on float4 or int4 variables.

float4 a,b;

float4 c=a+b;

replaces code similar to this (assuming we use individual variables for the vector components)

float cx = ax + bx;

float cy = ay + by;

float cz = az + bz;

float cw = aw + bw;