Benefits of Quadro for virtual RDS server

I thought to pop the question here, since all over the internet there are many contradicting opinions on the subject.

We are a small 12 employee counting company that uses thinclients (ThinLinx on HP USFF PC’s) to connect locally to a single virtual Windows RDS. That works great for most purposes, but less fluent for moving video (incidental youtube tutorials and stuff) and for a webbased applications that uses 3D rendering (light use). Our RDS is a VM on Hyper-V (Server 2019) on a HPE DL380 gen10. I was wondering if adding a Quadro card to the physical server could improve the performance, supposedly by passthrough to the RDS VM.

Is this expected to improve performance at all? Are there any drawbacks?
Second idea is that this could bring down CPU usage by offloading tasks to the GPU.

Adding a RTX GPU ( A2000 as example) should exactly improve the performance as expected.

Does that mean a Quadro is not a good choice?
We don’t have real high-end demands and are looking for a moderate priced solution.
Does the RTX (or a Quadro) need special licensing in this case?
And is passing it through to the VM indeed the prefered method?
Thanks again!

Quadro is the former brand name. RTX is the new brand name. So A2000 is a current RTX GPU in the moderate price range. No licensing required for these GPUs but you won’t get NVES either.
DDA (PT) is the only option for this type of GPU and for Hyper-V.

Thanks a ton!
The Quadro’s are quite old indeed, I see now.
Exactly what I wanted to know!

I am sorry to keep bugging you, but one more question please:

Based on your advice I am looking into HPE article number 5Z7D9AA
But I cannot find anything on compatibility. Is this card a safe bet for our HPE DL380 gen10?
I’ll probably need a riser card, I need to look into that still.

I won’t be able to give you advise on GPU compatibility with OEM servers. Please ask HPE if they support the given GPU in the server you already have.

It is not on the list, so the answer is short: they don’t…
Which totally doesn’t say if it will work or not of course ;-)

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