Benefits of SLI Bridging 2 Titan V(s) together

If I install 2 Titans on my rig, will I have 2 separate GPUs with a parallel power right of 2 5120 Cudas right? And if they are stacked with SLI does that mean it is linear power so I am having total of 1240 cudas of GPU power? What will I have to do to have a greater speed for GPU, will I benefit, if I leave them alone on the motherboard without SLI bridging? What are the perks of SLI bridging? To make my question more clear, I want to have a faster total speed/power, for example if I have 2 cable internet running at 15mbs separately, I will have 30mbs, but I won’t be able to compete against someone who has 1 line of 30mbs correct? So is the purpose of having SLI bridge making 2 weaker cards as strong as 1?

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