Best 3D camera for Isaac ROS2

Hi All, in the Isaac docs, the Intel Realsense 435 is listed as supported. I assume that’s the D435, but there’s also a D435i. Wondering if that’s supported and better?

Seperate Q, have got a Orbbec Astra Pro, seems well used and supported by ROS2 directly and would prefer to use it with Isaac to save buying something new, would it work with Isaac? Would the Intel be much better?

Is it possible to do SLAM with just a 3d camera or is a LIDAR mandatory?

  1. The RealsenseCamera package in Isaac SDK 2020.2 works with the D435 but does not support exposing the IMU in the D435i nor the D455 yet. The codelet (sdk/packages/realsense/RealsenseCamera.cpp) just wraps the Intel Realsense SDK, so you can enhance it until we add it and get it certified in a later Isaac SDK release.

  2. Isaac SDK 2020.2 does not have a package to support the Orbbec Astra Pro yet. We will consider it for a future release, but as with the RealSense camera support, you can write your own codelet if you prefer.

  3. The Isaac SDK 2020.2 navigation stack does rely on laser scans from a LiDAR, but others have been working on deriving a laser scan from a depth image from Realsense and feeding that through (see here). In theory, it should work but with degraded performance.