Best approach to clone jetson nano images for multiple devices

I have a project I wanted to push out to multiple devices but don’t want to do a straight Jetson Nano clone as it would also copy over a number of setup specific IDs and such that allow me to identify one device from another. I’m having a hard time figuring out the best way to approach it.

The current method has me use the standard image, update/upgrade the device, create scripts to download the specific packages I need, and then manually copy the file over. For a single device, it’s not that big of a deal but if I want to make 5 or 10 of these, the time adds up quickly.

What’s the best way to create a setup that at least has all the updates/upgrades, and package device (adding our specific files to it is a bonus as that takes significantly less time comparatively)?

Currently, I have SDK manager and jetpack 4.4 installed on a host computer (running virtual box, unfortunately it’s a windows based computer). My Jetson nano is connected to the host computer via a USB cable. I can type lsusb and see the following:

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0xxx:xxxx NVidia Corp

At this point, I think I have it hooked up correctly, I just need to know how to back it up correctly. Any suggestions as to how I can approach this? Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


hello jbrookley,

please refer to developer guide, Flashing to Multiple Jetson Devices.
there’s script file to recognize several devices, and assign image flashing simultaneously.

assume you’re working with same JetPack release, your Nano platforms were based-on the the same system image,
may I know what’s your actual use-case to clone several Nano device?

FYI, the file I see the most issues with from using as a clone are udev files, specifically those which look at the MAC address of network devices. These would be somewhere under:

There are of course also individual user account copies, e.g., login name/pass, but those are more obvious.