Best Cuda IDE for CentOS/RedHat

Hello everyone,

I just switched to CentOS from a Windows machine.
So the big question is if there is something i can like an IDE that supports text highlighting.
I currently use JEdit which has C-syntax highlighting but id really like something a little more stable and with cuda highlighting.

any suggestions welcome =)



There is a vi syntax highlighting file somewhere in this forum, you can search for it or I can email it to you. I guess eclipse should not be hard to configure as well, maybe other ppl have already done it.

I have been using NetBeans for pretty good success. It still complains about things like __globals, but other syntax checking seems to work. I found the information for using NetBeans from searching this and related forums.

I’ve always been a fan of FTP’ing into the machine from my workstation and using MSVS2008