Best Framework for Image Processing on Jetson Devices: Transitioning from DeepStream

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Currently, we have a functional pipeline running on DeepStream, specifically designed for image inference rather than video. However, we’ve encountered optimization challenges as DeepStream is more tailored for video streams. Our pipeline involves over 15 models, prompting the need for a more efficient approach.

To enhance our image processing capabilities on Jetson devices, we’re exploring alternatives to DeepStream. Considering our models are in both engine, ONNX, and TF formats, I’m seeking recommendations for a framework that is better suited for image processing on Jetsons.

Thank you!

I would recommend you using Titon Inference Server for this use case not deepstream sdk. The main advantage you can get from deep stream is stream processing acceleration and the tracking in videos. if you don’t process streams or videos then TRTIS is the best option. For building with Triton you can host multiple models and send http or gRPC requests directly to the server.