Best Host machine for jetson xavier nx

I’m looking to buy a pc/laptop as host machine for xavier nx + jetson Nano . I understand I need a x86 running ubuntu. Has anybody got any useful suggestions.

There is no best option, usually depends on your budget.
To get better expereicne, then of course the NV GPU is suggested on your host PC, they’re suitable to do accelerate computing by CUDA, AI training, and deep learning development with we provided SDKs, toolkits and Libraries.

Is that saying a nvidia recommended gaming laptop a good starting point . Although I have never been into gaming they do provide gpu computing power.

With NV dGPU is better option, no matter desktop PC or Laptop to reduce the SDKs, toolkits and Libraries compatible issues.

Excuse my ignorance what is dgpu is it dedicated gpu?

Descrete GPU

Thanks for your help much appreciated. My problem now is to find a supplier with the right spec which runs ubuntu. Which nvidia laptop does that ?

Just bought a Acer Predator 300 Helios 300 Intel I7 with RTX 3060 6gb. Hopefully when I get ubuntu to run on it I will be able to use SDK Manager and crack on !!
Thanks for your Help

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