Best hw for computations


Hi everyone,

I’m making scientific calculations (kinetic plasma, many small computations with data transfer between host and device) using cuda fortran on my PC (i7-4820k, 64gb ram, 1080ti). And I have a few question about hardware for best perfomance of my codes. Hope someone can help me and discuss my thoughts.

Fisrt about SLI: Will it work correctly with two different GPUs? For example 2060 and 1080ti. Or there is only one way to use SLI and this way is use two similar GPUs?

Another about ram frequency: Is there big correlation between ram frequency and performance? Especially when CPU (eg, i9-9900k) support only 128gb ddr4-2666ram and have only 2 memory channel

And small dreamy questions: What motherboard would be best for computation using cuda fortran? Normal gaming mb with 3-4 pci-e for SLI and 128Gb RAM support on 1151/1200 socket or I should think about server mb on 2066/3647 socket, 4-6 memory channel, intel xeon? It would cost much more then PC, but would it have much more theoretical permormance?