Best IDE? integrated development environments&CUDA

Since now my IDE for C was GEDIT, and for java was ECLIPSE (or gedit again :D), but since my projects are becoming more substantial i need a new IDE.

I would like a GPL IDE with CUDA compatibility… does exist such a thing?

which IDE do you use under linux?

I use Vim or Eclipse for CUDA development on Linux.

For what it’s worth, in my opinion the best IDE is no IDE. Find an editor you like, learn to use it well, and use it for everything you do. Learn standard tools like make. Then you don’t have to waste brain cells on remembering just how you do this or that thing in whatever IDE you happen to be using at the moment.

I like Eclipse. It colors the code, and you can jump between declarations and definitions and headers and whatnot.

I’m on x86_64, and Eclipse was unstable for me until I switched to the JRockit Java runtime. Bonus: Faster.

I use the matlab editor :)