Best possible System architecture and Suggestions for creating a Large factory Simulation Walk-through


There are a lot of videos depicting Omniverse rendered data available on Youtube, that show large factories with realistic material rendering and walk-throughs.

My question is, what is the best combination of System specifications to achieve such smooth large scale rendering and walkthrough without any loss of data or graphics.

As in, what is the best RAM and Graphics Card combination.

we have been trying with a 126 GM RAM and one Nvidia A5000 Graphics Card.

the data is exported from Tecnomatix Process Simulate using the connector to Omniverse composer.

Over time we can Import individual Cells/Stations, Render and create walk-thoughs,

But the issues comes up when we try to combine each of the studies and create one unified USD.

The navigation and manoeuvring becomes slow and creation of walk-throughs using curve editor becomes a challenge.

We are trying to combine more than 20 cells to get an entire factory setup, to create a seamless walkthrough video.

Looking forward for any suggestion for combining / optimization/ walk-through Creation, in case if someone has already achieved such a feat.

The issue there is the older GPU. The A5000 only has 24GB of ram. If you want to get into a larger, more complex workflow you will need a modern ADA A6000 RTX with 48GB of ram. Then you can chew through anything.