Best SBC to run heavy Cuda-based program in rugged environment


Currently I am developing a vision program that needs to be used in the agricultural sector. The program is currently running on a Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier, which can handle the computing quite nicely. But the AGX Xavier is not really suited to be used in such a rugged environment, so I am looking to replace de development kit with another SBC.

So my question is: Are there any other SBC’s which have the computing power of the AGX Xavier and are Cuda-compatible, but are made to handle more rugged environments?

I have looked into the Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial and it probably will be a good replacement, but I want to know all the options before I choose to buy pricey equipment.

P.s. I know there is a huge chip-shortage, so stock will be very limited, but this change is for the future and can wait several months before being implemented.


Hi @Epsi, you can find production systems/enclosures for AGX Xavier (and AGX Xavier Industrial) on this page:

Depending on the level of ruggedization that you need, some of them are MIL-spec - for example:

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Hi Dusty,

Thank you for your answer, this is exactly what I am looking for!

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