Best way for running when reporting suspend/hibernate bugs?

On my Pascal Titan X (with Ubuntu 16.04), waking from suspend/hibernate will either cause a hang, a crash, a broken resolution, or it may even work in some rare cases.

How should I run I mean, does it generate useful information even if I reboot the machine after a hang due to a failed wake? And which failure case would be best suited for running it, the failures that require a reboot, or those failures that result in a garbaged display but the machine continues running?

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To submit Linux bug reports please email (In English only) or please attach an nvidia-bug-report.log, which is generated by running “”…"[/i]

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Information is likely lost on reboot.
Try the following.
If you have an android phone or another machine on the same network, ssh to your machine after it locks up. If you can still log on using ssh, run in a non volatile directory (not /tmp) and then reboot.
After rebooting, email nvidia the bug report file.

Did you see Xid error in log? If yes, what? Please share nvidia bug report. As super/root user run script to generate logs. This script comes with nvidia driver itself.