Best way to add text to Omniverse XR

Hi There,

What best way to add text to my scene in Omniverse XR?

I can add meshes, shapes, and curves, but there’s no text option.

I’m creating text in Blender and exporting it as USD, then importing it into a scene, but it doesn’t work. I converted the text to curves and meshes but got the same result. Not working at all.

3D images are quite cool to see in XR, but adding text elements would bring additional information about a VR experience.


  • Gustavo

Hello @barizon! Right now we do not have a text feature in XR. I will send this request over to the dev team!

A feature request ticket was generated from this post. OM-73626: Best way to add text to Omniverse XR

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I’ve added a sample text using a USD file I downloaded, but I can’t create in Blender, export the USD, and bring it in.

I’ve imported a USD scene created in XR in Blender, added the text, converted it to mesh, exported the whole scene again in Blender, and reimported it in XR. I could see the text, but this process screwed up the whole scene. 😊